The Memory of Things

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Carmen Shenk

I wanted to read this book because so many of my friends were talking about it. So I added it to my cart on Amazon when I found out it was finally available. I’d had a long day so I sat down to read and the first chapter of the book reached out and took hold of my heart and didn’t let go until I closed the book later that evening, finished. What a beautiful, delicate, marvel of a book. I loved this one so much that I’ll look up some of Ms. Polisner’s other books and read those also. Count me a fan.

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The Memory Of Things is a brilliant teen read that unfolds in the shadow of 9/11.

Lovely review.

Hickey Picks - Young Adult Readers Advisory

28220960In 2016 several new historic fiction books came out about 9/11.  I am trying to read them all.  Gae Polisner’s The Memory Of Things is fantastic!  I highly recommend it for middle school and up.  The characters are in high school.  Kyle gets separated from his classmates and walks across the Brooklyn Bridge back home.  On his way he finds a girl wearing angel wings, covered in ash.  She looks like she might jump.  He can’t just leave her there so he brings her home with him.  The girl can’t remember her name or what just happened.  His mother and sister are stuck in California and cannot get a flight home.  His father, who is a NYPD detective is busy at ground zero, trying to find his fellow police officers.  Kyle and the girl are alone in the apartment with his Uncle Matt.  Because of an accident, his uncle needs…

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10 Favorite Books from 7th Grade So Far

Pernille Ripp

The books have been flying off the shelves in our classroom library, sometimes to be read and other times to be forgotten at the back of lockers.  But one thing is for sure, I have a lot of readers in my life.  I was worried about not having the right books for my 7th graders, however, I should have known; many of my favorites are also the favorites of the students.  So what have the 7th graders been reading and passing on?  Note the varying levels of maturity!

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